The complex and competitive world of the arts and entertainment provide multiple opportunities for individuals and companies, large and small.

Success in a creative environment is dependant on managing multiple platforms. This must be done from the initiation of the idea/concept through to the end consumer, both domestically and globally.

Decision making for success in the arts and entertainment world, dictated by the variations encountered in the broad marketing mix, necessitates a skill in balancing quantitative with qualitative decisions.

This balance has historically been more difficult to achieve in the creative marketplace than in other industries such as services and banking.
The digital age brings a further dimension of complexity (and greater opportunity) to the decision making of individuals and companies.

To successfully manage projects in the arts and entertainment world from domestic inception to international exploitation, requires clear , bold strategies.

In addition to excellent implementation, success requires strong international experience in senior management of people and cultures, creative assets and proven leadership skills.

Great ideas mismanaged result in missed opportunities.